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    I'm a bit older than your usual fan-fiction writer on most fanfiction sites, but I've been writing for many years. Now that college is over and my career is stable, I'm emerging from a six year hiatus to begin writing again. Hopefully my experiences over my hiatus will give my stories better depth.

    I'm a huge fan of anime, manga, and gaming... many evenings you can find me in World of Warcraft hanging with my guild – a group of wonderful people I've been blessed to call my friends for over 12 years now. I also enjoy yoga, web design, cooking, and jogging with my dog – weather permitting.

    About My Stories

    I enjoy exploring and improving my own abilities in story-telling. However, I'm out of practice. As a computer programmer and user interface developer, I'll readily admit my grammar is more aimed at proper Java syntax than English. I also try to research thoroughly, but Warcraft is a huge universe I've only delved into in the last couple years.

    I love feedback! I want to improve! Any comments of any kind will not be taken personally. If I make any mistakes in my writing, please feel free to let me know.

    Also, Koori has permission to use any and all of my characters in her tales as she deems fit. ^_^ If one of our characters appears in the story of the other, no plagiarism has taken place. I can assure you we were squealing like happy, little girls as it was being written.


    Both Sides Now
    Status: Active; In Progress


    Sorry, folks -- I haven't abandoned my story or given up writing. 2014 has been a very rough year, including a car accident and personal loss. I'm still working on the story, just very slowly.

    Working on:
    - Chapter 19, in progress
    Walen hoped to forget what happened in Outland, but it's about to catch up with him.

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