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    I enjoy reading Saiyuki & Weiß Kreuz, although I am a fan of several different shows. Those are my biggies, though. I LOVE yaoi, but as long as it's a good story, it's not an absolute requirement. It certainly helps. ;-)

    For pairings, they're as follows, in order of preference: For Saiyuki, it's Sanzo/Gojyo (35), Hakkai/Gojyo (85) or some occasional Kougaiji/Gojyo. If the mood hits, I enjoy the Goku/Gojyo (59) pairing once in a great while; it'd have to be REALLY good. I don't mind Sanzo/Goku, so long as Gojyo's the main focus of the story. I'm a proud Gojyo whore. *grin* Not a big fan of Sanzo/Hakkai (38). For Weiß Kreuz, it's Aya/Yohji, Schuldig/Yohji, Crawford/Yohji or (on occasion) Ken/Yohji. Not fond of Aya/Schuldig AT ALL. It... is not my cup of tea. Again, I'm a huge Yohji whore. Sensing a pattern?

    If I can get my mental shit together, I hope to post some stories here, in either one or both fandoms. I used to write smut in the Transformers fandom, but I haven't written a word (fiction-wise) in several years. So the muses are mummies by now. I'm very hopeful that will change.

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