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    I am from Denmark, so obviously my native language is not English. I can't do punctuation to save my life in my own language, and I won't even try to kid you that I can do them in a foreign language.

    I have always made up my own stories and been inspired to add to existing ones. It wasn't until  a few years ago I found out there were others like me and that the term for it was fanfiction. I'm glad I'm not alone. I also write original stories. My style of writing is said by reviewers to be interesting, new and original and with a healthy dose of humour. The latter is something I cannot seem to keep out of even my most serious work...

    I have an account on fanfiction.net, but with their purge I decided, like so many others, to get an account here as well. Just in case.  I got my work turned down by a site because my grammar and punctuation wasn't perfect. I have my own website as well where all my fanfiction stories can be found unedited.

    I use the same pen name on all the accounts.

  • Website : http://www.freec.dk/2910leiv

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