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    Hello all!

    Thanks for stumbling upon my profile. I have an account on fanfiction.net by the same profile name but due to concerns over my stories being wiped out due to not complying with the rating system, I have moved my stories here. Please enjoy! And feel free to email me if you want to be friends and share the same interests! Always so hard to find friends who like the same yaoi pairings I do. ;P

    Favorite Couples:

    Sasunaru (sometimes Narusasu if the story is really really good/smutty...)




    A little about me: I will probably never write anything other than M unless I get sick of porn. =D Same goes for any other pairings besides ones listed above. I will also try to mostly write MPREG. It is my favorite genre after all. Any other would be pure torture to write. Unfortunately, one of the evil plot demons that has entered my head refuses to be MPREG AND refuses to leave me alone. Assuming I ever get done with this story, you'll just have to wait and see.

    There needs to be more Itadei and Sasunaru out there. T.T;;; It's a really bad thing when you're reading your own uncompleted stories and haven't even released them yet. T.T;;

    "A good story needs not an original idea, only a great storyteller"quotes self. Not sure if any famous person said this, but this is my opinion on the stories I enjoy.

    Hm... any time I have trouble sleeping at night, I only need to start imagining some itadei or sasunaru...mmm

    Update 6/6/12: Still working out the kinks and will fix the ugliness of the story layouts soon. I hope they make some more categories to the Naruto fandom on this website. ;(

    Loves: Matcha, japanese, LoL, videogames, fanfiction, drawing/art, cosplay, crossplay, crossdress, yaoi, tennis, dance

    YAOI = YAmi nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi = "No climax, no point, no meaning" -- whoever wants to tell me that yaoi "must" have a plot has got to be...kidding me. XD


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