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    Hey guys!

    I've finally been able to get in touch with my stories and life is good!

    About me... I'm a nerd. I like reading a lot. I like writing a lot. I like playing video games a lot. I have a kitten named Oberon and a puppy named Butterscotch. I have two brothers who like to play HALO with me, mostly because I'm not that great, but ever since I beat the Mass Effect games, I've gotten better. Now, they actually fear me. My family likes to have LAN parties for Diablo II and my brothers and I play Starcraft II often. My boyfriend, in particular, loves that my family is so video game friendly. Until my character kills more things than his. I am a musician. I can play way too many instruments and I am a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, a band service fraternity. I have two wives (I will occasionally refer to them as 'wifey 1' and 'wifey 3') who are amazing and often help me with plot bunnies and request particular stories from me. I also have a baby daddy, who insists that we have seven children, though I can't remember being pregnant once, much less seven times. He won't even tell me their names.

    For anyone who was confused about the last three sentences: I am a band kid and we have very weird conversations.

    Enough of my ramblings, I hope you enjoy my scribblings!


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