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    Name: Hikaru Takahara (Yami)

    Age: *hides* You will never know.

    DOB: 5/26 - I am a Gemini

    Likes: Sweets, sour stuff, chicken… Yami, Atem, Yugi, Seto and My Magician Deck. BJD's Anime, Manga, Yaoi (alot actually).

    Hates: We don’t want to go here it never ends up the way it should.


    I have several Original Stories that I am working on and my first Fanfic ever, ‘Long Nights and Unsettling Dreams’ which is a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. If all goes well I will work on more but for now I want to focus on just this one.


    At some point I would like to do a Fan fic in collaboration with another Author, so wish me luck on that.

    Also I would really appreciate if you could leave comments or a review.


    Yami <3

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