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    Hey! This is KB just wanted to let you all know a little about one of your authors here. :) I'm 25 and while I have posted stories on fanfic before I have since lost my account due to well...I forgot my password and the e-mail account I had I have LONG since gotten rid of. Either myself or KD will be posting chapters of our stories up here so hopefully we will remember to post on a more timely schedule than just one of us.

    I suppose that leaves me, KD. I was formerly known as Nightsailer (ffn), but that account has been left untouched for many years. I'm 22 years old, and I enjoy Hellsing, DragonBall Z and Bones.

    This account will be used to upload a story written by both of us together. Each of us claimed a few characters, and we used AIM to fabricate our (immensely long) story. There will be four arcs, each of them building off the last. The first three are already complete, but will take a good while to edit, so we will be posting them as they make it through the editing process. Thanks for your patience.


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