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    Welcome to my profile! This is the place where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about me and maybe even more than you wanted to know.

    Age: 23

    Education: Bachelor of Science

    Sex: Female

    Gender: Woman (Yes, biological sex and gender can be different, and I am respectful of that)

    Orientation: Pansexual who prefers men most of the time

    Relationship Status: In a serious, committed inclusive relationship

    Religion: American Catholic

    Favorite Pairings: Wait, why do we call them “pairings” when there are so many different possibilities? I mean, why can’t we call them “matches” so we don’t exclude the triads and the quads and whatever else people find themselves doing. Think if it this way: if three people are all wearing the same outfit, does it makes sense to say that they are wearing pairing outfits? Nope! They wear matching outfits. The same is true if we are talking about only two people. So, why not change the convention and call them matches instead? After all, most of us writers are match-makers.

    Favorite Matches: My particular version of the Kaiba family is modeled on the Fraternal Polyandry of Tibet with a few twists. Since the Kaibas must keep their arrangement secret from their friends, they face difficult situations. In addition, they find themselves expanding their horizons in their mid-thirties when they encounter a secret society that practices non-monogamy and seeks to right the injustices of society.


    My own experience with non-monogamy is very limited, but has been very gratifying. Although I fantasize about having a full-blown polyamorous relationship, I am currently in what appears to be a monogamous relationship to any outside observer. I live with one boyfriend, and cook dinner for just the two of us almost every night. However, we both have some long-distance lovers and occasionally hook up with another couple for a night of erotic fun that leaves us both feeling wonderful the next day.

    Although I like men most of the time and prefer to read heterosexual fics, I strongly support Yaoi and Yuri writers. Yaoi occasionally tickles my fancy if it is especially well-written mainly because I am not male and therefore I am incapable of having a male-male sexual experience. As for Yuri… I’ve been there personally. I generally prefer it if a man is involved, but for the right woman… who knows?

    I think I know why many of you are reading my stories, but not reviewing them. It's the same reason why I'm not using my real name. I know you are there from the traffic stats, and I just want to let you know that I understand. If you want to send me a private message sometime, I won't tell anyone :)

    Kari Rakitan is my pen name, but I use is for swinging as well. I have never cared much for my legal name, so if you have met me under this pseudonym in real life, please do not be offended. I have always gone by nicknames, and I have a few old friends who know that Kari is one of my nicknames. Since it is not the one I use most frequently, it helps keep my budding professional life and my personal life separate.

    “In a society in which it is a moral offense to be different from your neighbor your only escape is to never let them find out.” --Robert Heinlein

    If you want to know some of the sources of my inspiration, check out the things that I have favorited on my YouTube channel. My username is exactly the same as it is here. I also tumble, and I have a facebook writer profile with virtual avatars of my OCs.

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