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    June 18 2017

    Well, I've been a member here for a VERY long time (before it was mandatory to be 18 to access this site (lol), and it's time to revamp! I'm intending to try and come back on here, post away (fanfiction) for the enjoyment of any possible readers, and progress my writing ability. You will find me mostly dedicating myself to One Piece fanfiction (not always though), but I will also be posting a few chapters of original fiction (for the stories on my Patreon). Might seem crappy but, I have to get the word out there somehow when funds are too low to advertise.

    My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Darksinokaru

    My main (One Piece obsessed) tumblr: http://darksinokaru.tumblr.com/

    My tumblr for my original works: https://fictionthatlives.tumblr.com/

    And in the off chance, my art tumblr: http://darksartroom.tumblr.com/


    Well, uh... we'll see what happens. I will be posting fanfiction, may revamp/update old works and repost them. Don't want to get too ambitious though, as I've got a lot on my hands already.

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