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    My name is Syn & I'm delighted to be back in the wonderful world of AFF :)

    My favourite pairing is ZoSan and I love writing fluff, fight scenes and dirty, sexy smut. I hope that you stick around and have a peek!

    It's great to indulge in my passion for smut and making fangirls squee is the best thing ever! viewed in a dark room with no-one else at home XD


    For people who also like non-adult fics, please visit this index for a full list of all my ZoSan goodness:-




    ....also provided here as I don't have IDs for quite a few stories

    I highly recommend ANYTHING by:

    - Stark / Stark_Black

    - Nothing Pertinent / sans-pertinence

    - tshapo-chi

    - SinisterBug

    They are all amazing and incredible writers!

    Current Favourite: The Roronoa Fruit by Stark_Black

    If you want great ZoSan and don't know where to go - read these and weep (I know I did). Just remember that some of them are a *tad* naughty ;)

    Here are just a few stories which have inspired me, in no particular order (so many great writers - so hard to choose! Ratings are from G all the way up to XXX!): - cold night burning  (actually ZoAce - but so good!) - the Roronoa fruit - of seminars and men - heady - fighting foreplay? - under the table - broken only to heal again
    There are so many great ZoSan writers and I have had so much counsel from friends and fans alike. Thanks so much guys, couldn't do it without you!


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