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    Hello! I'm just a fantasy/sci-fi fan who likes to dabble in writing :) I have a very VERY busy home life.. so I struggle to find time to write, but rest assured, I will finish everything I start!



    Blood Moon

    Werewolfy girl and her rogue pack of males. This is my main focus at the moment, since I have a lot of inspiration for it. It started out as being a relatively short-ish story.. but it seems to be getting longer. Probably will end up with 50ish chapters.

    The Wilds

    I haven't given up on it.. I'm just having some writer's block and suffering from some loss of interest. I do have the rest of the story mapped out though.



    Here is a list of stories I have in various stages of completion. I'm going to wait until I finish both Blood Moon and the Wilds to start posting them though. All are working titles!

    Untitled (Short Story)

    Yena is a young wild elf, left pregnant and alone in a treacherous forest in the midst of a harsh winter.. When death seemed imminent.. she receives help from the most unlikely of sources.

    Untitled (Short Story)

    Nami is dragged from her village to become the next maiden sacrifice to the dragon that torments the realm. Nothing goes as expected though, when the dragon decides to keep her.

    Demon Blooded

    Amidst a country embroiled with war, a demon-blooded prince takes an exceptionally gifted sorceress as a slave..

    Desert Rose

    A treaty from two long warring nations forces a play-boy prince into an arranged marriage with the daughter of the former-enemy king, despite his country's outrage over the truce.


    In an intergalactic setting, an emotionless mercenary is sent to a renowned and highly secure brothel to kidnap the favored slave woman of a high-ranking member of the Federation. Having never failed an assignment, his record is unexpectedly threatened when he discovers the mark is someone from his past… someone he thought he had lost.

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