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    You can call me Cytopath. It doesn't actually mean anything. I did a random adjective and noun generator. A bunch of stuff came up, so I picked the adj and noun I liked the best. It worked for Hot Fuzz, so I thought it'd work for me. I think it sounds cool and gives the illusion that I'm an intellectual. I'll keep this short so you can get to the stories faster. ;- P Whatever I publish is basically what I'm obsessing about now or have in the past. I've always had ideas and outlines, but today (08/23/2010) is the first time I've published something. So expect a lot more. I'd like reviews, but don't live for them. I also won't take it personally if someone doesn't review. I'll take it to mean that my stories weren't interesting enough to review and it's my job to make them better. "There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons." Denis Waitley. That will be my one deep quote by a obscure person that gives insight into my very soul. Promise. Happy Reading

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