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    I hate About Me's but I'll try my best. First off, I'm 21 go to culinary school which I'll be graduating from soon and work in a library. I have a godson named Sebastian who me and his mom call Sebby-chan. He's about 7 months old and so fat and cute ^^. My absolute favorite band is Rammstein. To me they are an amazing band and I really can't wait to see them on their Made In Germany tour when they come here. Listening to them opened me up to other industrial acts as well as aggrotech/ebm/whatever else label you want to attach to it. Till Lindemann is the person I admire the most, despite being both the opposite sex and color of each other, lol. I look up to him because he seems like such a sincere person, I believe that he truly enjoys what he does. He is a brilliant lyricist (and yes I do read translations) and for the most part his lyrics are very good and deal with real issues that people go through. I've read a few of the translated poems from his book Messer (a book that seems to keep eluding my grasp! arrggh!) which are very heartfelt and give the fans insight into his mind and even a glimpse of his past growing up. Very interesting man who I would love to meet and talk to one day. Anyhoo, enough praising of Till. Along with music I like anime/manga and play a few video games. Not a hardcore gamer mind you, but I do like them a lot. I'm a fairly opinionated person so I'll comment on artists shoutboxes that I DO and DON'T like. I like to fancy myself as 'equal-opportunistic'. I don't believe in "cyberbulling" and I really hate when people get butthurt over what someone says over the internet. Please grow up, those of you who are like that. It's the internet...a bunch of strangers commenting on you shouldn't have THAT much pull over how you view yourself. Especially since they are...I repeat...STRANGERS. As far as religious beliefs go, I'm an Atheist, plain and simple. I generally don't have a problem with religious people, but the ones who can't simply acknowledge that none of us posses ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE about something as mysterious as the origins of the universe and insist on...well insisting that THEIR god is the "right" god, get no respect from me. It's fine that you believe that the god you worship created everything, but don't tout it as the absolute and only truth.

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