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    There isn't really much to say, other than 'Hello' and 'pull up a chair before the tea gets cold and someone eats the last of the sandwiches'. I enjoy good storytelling and good wine (preferably at the same time), as well as good writing and strong coffee (I cannot have the former without the latter). As for my age, I have meaningful memories of the Nixon administration, if that helps. There are times I wish I were younger, if only to have avoided the hairstyles of the '80s. That much Aquanet couldn't have been good for anyone.

    An issue came up in the last two weeks while I was winding up my editing and beta-reading work with NovaAlexandria. Because the person who proposed it has no email link in their profile, thus making a private response impossible, I think this might be the only place I can address it. A recent reviewer made mention of paying me to write fanfiction using characters which I do not own. While I'm flattered, doing so would violate all sorts of domestic and international copyright laws and would be an egregious breach of ethics. I strongly believe in the rights of authors and if a cease and desist notice from an author's legal team comes my way, any fanfiction I've written comes down, immediately. In a previous life, I was a graphic designer for a large directory publisher and had plenty of salespeople try to force me to put copyrighted images into the ads they sold. This was due to ignorance on the part of customers and blatant laziness on the part of the salesforce, who liked to cut all kinds of corners. I like to think I kept a lot of small business owners from having much larger entities sue the pants off of them by adhering to the letter of the law, even if I took a lot of abuse from my company's managers for my stance. My rule of thumb is that if I don't own it or if it isn't in the public domain, there can be no money involved whatsoever. The only exception to this occured in the late 1970's. I made a drawing of then-teen idol Sean Cassidy at the behest of a schoolyard bully (she had quite the crush on him). With it, I purchased a semester's worth of beating-free lunch periods. Wherever you are now, Mr. Cassidy, thanks.


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