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  • Shattered
    Something unthinkable happens to Draco. Now put in a precarious position and keeping secrets from everyone, can Harry put enough pieces of him back together? Abuse, Anal, Angst, Fingering, H/C, HJ, MC, M/M, Minor2, MPreg, Oral, RapeFic, Rim, TF, WIP
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  • Invisible Threads
    AU story: “Are you going to behave if I let you up?” Harry asked warily, glancing at the letter opener that he’d been attacked with. “Are you going to keep asking stupid questions?” Draco quipped. Anal, Angst, BDSM, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, Oral, Rim, Solo, WIP
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  • Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
    Slight AU and Time travel. Draco wakes up and finds himself completely lost with no clear way home. Whatever is a Malfoy to do with only the help of a Squib? Anal, AFFO, Bigotry, CR, Fingering, H/C, M/M, Minor2, Oral, RapeFic, Slave, Tort, Violence, WIP
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  • Exchange
    Hermione is sent to the Malfoy's for a summer exchange program. This was not the sort of thing she expected. Anal, AFFO, BDSM, Bi, D/s, Dom, F/F, Fingering, loli, MC, M/s, Minor1, Oral, Solo, Spank, Toys, Voy
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  • Gorgon Curse
    After angering the Dark Lord, Draco is punished and must try to survive as a very different creature. Slight AU after Epilogue story. Creature fic (not sure if that counts as Anthro). Anal, AFFO, Angst, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, Oral, RapeFic, Solo, TF, Tort, Violence, WD, WIP
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  • Slytherin Slut
    Draco's becoming a total slut and he's not at all sure why. Will include use of polyjuice potion later on in story for temporary Gender change 3+, Anal, BDSM, Bi, D/s, Dom, DP, Exhib, Fingering, HJ, Humil, M/F, M/M, Minor2, MPreg, Oral, Peg, Rim, Solo, Spank, TF, Toys, Voy, WIP
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  • Ownership
    COMPLETE Draco has been given to Fenrir Greyback, much to the werewolf's pleasure. Abuse, Anal, AFFO, Angst, D/s, Dom, Humil, M/M, Minor2, Oral, RapeFic, Violence
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  • Benefactor
    Draco falls heavily in lust for a preteen Harry. Magic but no Hogwarts or Voldie. Anal, Fingering, HJ, MC, M/M, Minor1, MPreg, Oral, Shouta, Solo, Toys, Trans
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  • Strange Seduction
    A very unsual night leaves Harry wanting more. Too bad he doesn't know who gave him the first. Anal, Fingering, RapeFic, HJ, M/M, MPreg, Oral, Tent, Voy, WD
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