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    I love to read anime, manga, and fantasy stories. As an author, I write novels, poetry, and short stories. Published works include:

    Irish Squeeze - contemporary romance

    Box of Chocolates - short story collection

    Headstones and Dead Bodies - short horror stories

    Cyborgs and Sorcery - short fantasy and sci-fi stories

    Some By Day, Some By Night vampire series:

    The Life She Didn't Take

    Love Me Today, Kill Me Tomorrow

    A Naughty New Year's Eve

    The Smell of Death & A Taste of Blood

    Lord Gerard's Coven vampire series:

    Threads of A Web

    Never fantasy romance series:

    Never Again


    If you're into AMVs, check out my Youtube channel because that's all that's up there; anime related stuff. www(dot)youtube(dot)com/user/naturechild02.

    Here: I currently have two completed stories in the Anime section: The Scarlet Hunter, and the Inuyasha naughty short story, Roommates. In the Manga section, I have an incomplete Fruits Basket story called The Fox and The Rabbit.


    Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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