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    To whom it might concern

    After many years of not working on stories I have generally decided to delete my old stories on both my profiles (although a few newer stories appear on my normal fanfiction.net website)

    The reason I do this is because I honestly feel the need to rewrite them problem is while I am always revising the plot I rarely if ever sit down to work on them much. That said lately I have decided it is better to write my stories first, even to a degree, and then post them.

    I don't really know how to describe why this occurs. On one hand I seem to run into writers block on occassion when it comes to one story. On the other hand I am constantly plagued with plot bunnies and if I don't work on plot bunnies in the sense of planning a story out they won't leave me. Yet even with I do get them worked out in my head I can't seem to sit down and actually write much and then I get new plot bunnies and the circle repeats itself. 

    Another problem I have with updating is the fact my stories are generally inspired by other stories I have read and when these stories don't get updated very much I just seem to lose inspiration.

    Finally, I am never satisfy with a story. Every time I look at my old stories I decide they need a massive rewrite and that can end up changing most of the plot because I don't feel like certain things would work like they used to.

    As such if you ever do see a story on here again please keep in mind I can't promise anything about fast updates and the same can be said for my normal FF.net profile which I just prefer to use. It was partly because of the lack of fast updates or any that I decided to hold off on posting fics until after I have written many chapters because I am fully aware of how fustrating it can be to wait years for a fanfic to update without any luck. In fact this is a case I myself have been dealing with for awhile now in terms of HP and probably is a reason my interests have been waning for awhile.

    I can say though that after years of HP fanfiction I had honestly grown a little bit sick of it and lately have been reading more Naruto on FF.net but sometimes I still read HP and I am rereading a few of the HP fics I have enjoyed but fell behind in. I make no promises in a comeback however and I hope you all will understand.



    Dark Serpent Cat

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