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    I like writing –go to university, in my last year…what else? I’m a Kannazuki no Miko writer on FF.N. I am a procrastinator. One of my hugest flaws that is bad. But I have resilience. If you sue me, don’t expect much. I’ll update faster in one month, the next months… holy hell, be patient. I’ll say this once. I am the worst writer. I go by t-y-f-m at Blogger if you want to check in. I had another account on here, but I lost the pass word and my username… doesn’t that suck? To anyone who is interested in me, I'm into girls, I drink vodka if I was sad, than tea if I was happy. What else? I know more English, but obviously not as much as English-speakers. My older friend, whose graduated with a degree in Scientology. I am part time storm chaser. I flown to the US from Canada to see major tornadoes, but from afar. I'm sure Environment Canada has more trained professionals that risk their lives more than me. Since I like to have my own imagination, I can be a profound thinker with the right subject. I don't anything, no characters, just plot but do not make no money on anything.
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