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    Emails are always welcome at I do email notifications of updates, too, so let me know!

    I have a livejournal: , where I mostly whine at myself about my plotbunnies and my muse being MIA.

    I also have a tumblr: ,  where I collect things that I find sexy or beautiful or beautiful in a sexual way. You'll mostly find gay stuff, leaning towards D/s, and the occasional woman. What you won't find is, y'know, pretty shots of animals or nifty furniture or whatever. As a sub-blog I have, where I'm basically going to crosspost from my LJ. I do like my LJ but I know nobody uses that site anymore. So if you're on tumblr and you want to get the occasional rambly note about stories that I'm never going to write, feel free to follow.


    UPDATE May 2016 : Both Stardust and Berserk have been finished. By finished I mean I've written the whole thing, pre- line edit. I'm going to edit Stardust chapter by chapter and upload whenever I have one done; it shouldn't take too long but I'll be working a lot this summer so don't expect weekly updates either. What am I saying? You're used to yearly updates.

    As for Berserk, I decided to re-write it; not for content but for the writing itself. I finished it and then started over with the old part and I'm probably halfway or two thirds through the old part now. I want to give it a new name, too. All that is going to happen when I'm done with Stardust.


    English isn't my first language, and writing is something I've only picked up in recent years. Both might show at times. Bear with me!




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