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    May 2019:

    So I've been gone a while. That had to do with, well, with me getting really behind on updates and feeling terrible about it. I mean it took me, what, five years to write and post Stardust? And the epilog is still missing.

    So I decided to get a story a lot more "done" before I would start posting. Of course the end temporary result is that I have two and three quarters of complete first drafts sitting at 160k, 100k, and 85k respectively. Am I any closer to posting? No, because I've started to take this whole writing thing a lot more seriously and care about plotlines and character arcs and good vs bad cliffhangers, and all of those first drafts need a lot of work.

    So maybe "getting almost done before posting" isn't the way to go, either. I miss you guys. As with everything in life, we make plans, and then we go see what happens to those plans, right?

    So here's to, I dunno, me getting anything done?




    English isn't my first language, and writing is something I've only picked up in recent years. Both might show at times. Bear with me!




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