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    Really, what is there, to actually say about ones own self? But, nonetheless, I hate: downright tactless smut (Yes, yes, I know this is called "adult fanfiction" but I don't care, sue me!) Flamers,children, narrowminded people,prudes, twilight, disneychannel,pointless stories,OOCness in anime characters (Though, I do suppose, that such is common sometimes, and, cannot be helped)all insects except tarantulas,and, just about everything else :/ I like: Flowers (Especially LOVES roses, chrysanthemums,and lilies) pocky, japanese gummy drop lychee candies, ramune lychee, sweets in general, instant noodles, spiders, animals, drawing disturbing images, writing poetry, reading, cute things, dark colors, invader zim ('I loves the little tacos, I loves them goooood')dead things, death, and yaoi xD. Anything else you feel the need to ask, and please do 'SHOOT'

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