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    Well... umm... What to say? *thinks* Well I'm a chick, I like reading and writing, hence me being here, *waves to profile page thingy* I love animals, (well most except for my aunt's two yappy things and her fifteen stupid birds *glares*) I work with dogs and I totally love it. So remember people, spay and nuture your pets, make sure they are all fully vetted, and give them everything they ever would want, (within reason, no allowing them to drive your car without a license). And for those who are looking for a pet, adoption is always a good choice, but just make sure its the one for you. Research and take time to think!!!! I've seen way to many sad pups who got returned because you did not have enough time or it peed on the carpet! You NEED TO WORK WITH THE DOG. *looks around* Ummm, enough about that..... I Like Harry Potter, Buffy, LOTRs, crossovers, movies music..... Ummm that's pretty much it... yea.. that's it...

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