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    Just an avid reader who lurks around looking for a good story. Give me plot, give me action, give me a lot of male/male slash romance! ^ ^

    I read anything, really, but here (AFF) it's usually always Male/Male that I read. Yeeeeaah Yaoi! 

    In all seriousness, Richard Laymon is my favorite author, I'm a photographer at heart and I occasionally find myself trying to write something. Currently I have a fiction named "Red River", an AU Naruto/Sasuke slash fan fiction that.. really lacks updates. I'm terribly sorry to any readers who want to know exactly why Kyuubi did this, and why Naruto can do that, but I swear it will all come together, and I WILL update.. sometime.. Love you all!

    I Love Wolf Guy (Ookami No Monshou). It Is An Awesome Manga.

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