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    Hello, one and all, and welcome to my lair. Please, do come in, and leave all your hard work by the door. I'll be certain to slip a copy from you on your way out - you won't notice I'm sure. Then might, as it seems I've been caught! It seems that my sleight-of-hand has earned me a place among the elite! I have finally achieved what I set out to do: notoriety! After all, isn't that what we all want in life? To be remembered for what we did? When you think of me, when you visit my audacious abode, recall, if you will, that I am a most loquacious thief. My inept foray into the art of claiming the property of others has earned me permanent banning from the site. Don't you wish you could be here too? So what if I didn't have permission from the author to post it? I only wanted to share! Alas, if it's not mine, I'm not permitted to post it as though it were. But, damn, it felt good to see my inbox full of e-mail giving glowing reviews for someone else's hard work. ::..sigh..:: I shall have to try my tricks elsewhere, as I am no longer welcome at AFF. Goodbye, (someone else's) loyal fans! Perhaps you too can join me in exile someday and be remembered for the talent of others!
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