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    Wannabe Author - I love writing, and have been doing so for as long as I can remember. I am a very straightforward person, and someone once observed that such an attribute makes it easy for me to write erotica. I think that person was right, so I've been going with my strengths since then! Though I'm not as adept in politics and intrigue, I still give it a shot, because I find little satisfaction in PWP.

    Be sure to check out my original fiction:

    Black Feathers - The story of two warriors who find love on the battlefield. One is a Tengu who fears he will never find a mate due to his mixed-clan heritage, and the other is a Human with a tragic past and more than a few hangups about race. There is mention of rape and angst in the beginning, and there will be very dark things happening in the future, but this story will have a guaranteed HAPPY ENDING. High Fantasy, Kemonomimi, and Romance are the key aspects of this story.

    Mythic - A futuristic team of spec-ops is available for hire to the highest bidder - regardless of the psychological or physical damage it causes the soldiers who work for Mythic. Their only hope for sanity in this dark organization is found in a man called The Phoenix, whose duty is to keep the men of Mythic on the job - no matter what it takes. You will find politics and sex in equal measure here - warnings for BDSM, Violence, Foul Language, and (humanoid) Xenophilia. Also, Military Alpha Males! Mythic is now COMPLETE. (Though I reserve the right to decide to write side-fics, one-offs, and sequels, at any given time)

    I also write fanfiction one-shots, and a few multi-chapter pieces. I've been on a big Slash kick lately, but I'll write M/F if the pairing makes sense to me.  I have all my M/M stories posted over at my Y!Gallery account under the username Gyrfalconne. Thanks for stopping by! Reviews are love.


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