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    -------Me------- Hiya! The name's Earadiel. I'm a 19-year-old English major who lives in the wonderful, and sometimes not so wonderful, city of "Brotherly Love." I'm African American and a happy camper of the nerd/dork party. I write dark fics mostly. I like the thought of a love that hurts. My stuff is all slash right now, but I've got het stuff in the works. I've got Naruto fanfiction too that I'll eventually put on the site. I love to talk, so if you feel the need to gab I check my email constantly. Also, I'll take requests for stories! So shoot me your ideas ;) --------Stories-------- Addict -- I've got such great ideas for this! It's gonna be long and it already looks like it'll be a slow start for the action. But stick it out! It's going to be so yummy. NEXT UPDATE? Thursday! Look for it! Cracked Halo -- This is my baby. I'll admit that I adore Mackwell to pieces. But this story is so not going to be for the faint of heart. It's going to be very very very disturbing. NEXT UPDATE? Monday! Two chapters since I'm behind what I said would be out by now.

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