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    I do not mind people taking my work and/or posting it elsewhere without crediting me (either as a story or artwork of any kind), so you don't need to stress about trying to contact me for permission.


    Recently added:  'Bleach: Tales of Smut': (Ichigo/Shino, Ryunosuke/Orihime) Yup; Ryunosuke and Shino make their debut.

    Smut willing, I will try to make this the next order of updates:

    'Naruto': The Promised Title

    'Fairy Tail': Don't Gang Up On Me... Again!!


    List does not contain 'Bleach: Tales of Smut' stories

    Upcoming New Stories:


    Bodyguard (Ichigo/Jackie): Staying at Jackie’s home for the weekend while Ginjou and the others scout for Tsukishima, Ichigo finds that living with a very-attractive woman may wear away his gentleman’s code.

    Naughty Neliel (Ichigo/Nel, Orihime/Nel):  Neliel gets a reprieve from her duties as Halibel's guard a few years after Yhwach's defeat.  What does she do?  She goes to the Human World, of course!  To visit someone she misses...  Someone she wants, even if he belongs to another.  She is, after all, the former Espada of Gluttony. (not fact, but I figure 'why not?')

    Fairy Tail:

    Juvia’s Long-Overdue Punishment (Gray/Juvia): With Gray bound by Fairy Tail honor the ‘Punishment Game’ rules, Juvia finally gets the ‘punishment’ she’s always longed for…

    Rally the Troops (Natsu/Gray/Gajeel/Laxus/Mystogan on Erza): It’s time for Fairy Tail to pick itself up from last place in the tournament!  Erza will do whatever it takes to inspire her teammates to win!

    Succeed with the Exceed (Happy/Lucy; Natsu/Carla) Some pussies… need to be put in their place… … Okay, in all seriousness… Happy often bears witness to Lucy and Natsu going at it, and after some teasing, Lucy is fed up with the cat and decides to give him the ride of his life to shut him up. …  Oh yeah, Carla’s there too, and Natsu decides to fuck her (though she protests).

    The Queen’s Service to the Master (Makarov/Erza): After his Guild’s strongest team levels another city, Makarov is put under another load of stress.  Erza, sensing her master’s distress, is determined to make amends and relinquish his worries.

    Wild!! (Wild 4 on Cana): After a drinking contests ends with her loss, Cana is taken back to Bacchus’ room to do with as he pleases.  However, once there, he passes out, and Cana is still eager for the plans he had set with her.  Good thing the rest of the Wild 4 witlessly return to Bacchus’ room in time for some wild fun.


    Cat’s Game (Miu/Kisara/Renka): A girls’ trip to the Ryozanpaku hot springs turns steamier than any of them imagined when Renka’s cat antics mixed with Miu’s and Kisara’s love for cats go too far…

    Center of Attention (Kenichi/Rachel): Catching Kenichi and Miu being ‘risky’ in an empty classroom, Rachel takes it upon herself to show Kenichi just how much riskier he could be with her!

    Dreams do come true~! (Kenichi/Miu): Guided on a path of pampering History’s Strongest Disciple, Miu decides to take some advice and help Kenichi in the bath.  Innocent, she may think it is, but Kenichi’s lust can’t be suppressed any longer!

    Running is shame…ful… (Kenichi/Shigure/Miu): Alone with the two hottest babes he’d ever laid eyes on, Kenichi is given persuasion not to leave the Ryozanpaku grounds during Shigure’s weapons training.

    Spandex (Kenichi/Miu): During training, Kenichi accidentally grinds up against Miu’s backside, and he realizes just how ‘form-fitting’ her clothes really are!


    BFF (Best Friend’s Father) (Kizashi/Ino): Plot is pending.  The original idea was stupid and lazy; I'm now pondering massage treatment as the theme.

    Indecent Distraction (Naruto/Kiba/Neji/Chouji/Shikamaru/Akamaru on Tayuya): With Konoha brats on their tail, the Sound Four decide to send one of their own back to deal with them.  With all the pent-up stress in her, Tayuya is sure to make use of these shitheads!

    Ino and the Thunderbolt (A/Ino): Visiting the Cloud Village, Ino decides to investigate the renowned hot springs of the high peaks, unaware that those happen to be the Raikage's favorite bathing spots.

    Kurenai's Lesson (Kiba/Kurenai/Hinata): (completely new story; the update will include information about the original) Kurenai notices that Kiba's hormones are acting up as part of a male Inuzuka's transition into adulthood.  After discussing this with Anko, she is given a strange suggestion: teach Hinata what needs to be done about her riled-up teammate before something happens that they'll regret...

    Tenten and the Thunderhead (A/Tenten): While on a mission with Lee and Hinata in the Cloud Village, Tenten gets a surprise visitor wielding a ‘weapon’ she’s willing to handle…

    The Promised Title (Naruto/Tsunade): After being admonished by Tsunade about his attitude affecting his running for Hokage, Naruto decides to show her how much he deserves the title!  And he won’t stop until she promises it to him!

    One Piece:

    Dessert (Sanji/Robin): With restless waters spilling Robin’s late-night snack over her, Sanji sees her as a dessert herself…

    Reuinion Orgy (Strawhat Pirates orgy): After learning about the new bathing arrangements Franky added to Sunny, they feel encouraged to test it out.  The only problem is that the girls thought that they’d be taking turns at different times than the boys’…

    Yu Yu Hakusho:

    Duties as Team Trainer (Yusuke/Kuwabara/Hiei/Kurama on Botan): After hearing her nag them for the better part of an hour, Team Urameshi finds a better use for Botan’s loud mouth.


    Upcoming Updates:


    A Lesson to be Learned (Yoruichi): This one’s a bit hard to explain.  Pretty much, it’s going through severe revising, and because of that, some chapters are too long and will be split up.  For example, the new third chapter will now be Ichigo/Yoruichi only, pushing the Ichigo/Orihime/Yoruichi to the fourth chapter.  After that, there will be a new fifth chapter, and the summary is as follows: (Yoruichi(futa)/Kuukaku(futa)/Soifon(futa) on Orihime) Yoruichi has done well, imparting her ‘lessons’ on Soifon and Orihime.  Now is the time for the two to meet themselves and show her and Kuukaku what they’re made of!

    An Xcution Initiation (Ichigo/Riruka/Jackie): Kidnapping Ichigo from the streets, Riruka and Jackie intend to have some fun with him in the dollhouse.

    Bachelorette Party (Ichigo/Yoruichi/Rangiku): The day of the wedding has given Ichigo the shakes.  Therefore, two voluptuous women offer their services to calm him down after heating him up…

    Getting Dirty: Alternate Version (Ichigo/Jackie): During the training in the fish tank, Ichigo’s fullbring training gets a bit out of hand…

    In the Dollhouse: New Visitor (Ichigo/Riruka/Orihime): (Note: It’s not a direct sequel, but if you want to squint, you can tie it to the first chapter) Riruka invites Orihime to join her in the dollhouse to watch as she plays with her newest ‘toy’ addition.

    No Work, All Play (Ichigo/Ikumi(strap-on)/Orihime): He needs to be tied down, but Ichigo stays for his boss to give an explanation…

    Orihime’s Fetishes (Ichigo/Tatsuki and Ichigo/Orihime): Possessing all that she thinks she needs, Orihime finally works up the courage to snag Ichigo in a study session: one where not much studying is done and they use handcuffs instead of pencils.

    Playtime: Orihime Version (Jackie(futa)/Riruka(strap-on)/Orihime): With Orihime sticking around for some cake, Riruka decides to find out what Ichigo finds so special about her; what she doesn’t count on is Jackie’s cooperation.

    Shinigami Women’s Association: How to make a Sex Tape (Ichigo/Isane/Unohana): Also hard to explain; first chapter is being rewritten to include more characters, but also to spread out to take the gathering as a whole instead of 'one woman exists at a time' format.  Taken in by the president of the club, Ichigo undergoes Unohana’s special treatments to alleviate the toxins of Nemu’s body.

    Some R&R (Ichigo/Riruka/Orihime): Now out of the bathroom, Riruka feels up to teasing a little bit more, this time with Ichigo’s participation.

    Sweetie (Riruka(strap-on)/Orihime): One day, Riruka decides to bring a special toy over to play with Orihime.

    The Nurse (Ichigo/Renji/Hanatarou on Unohana): Over a year’s absence has left Ichigo sloppy when using a blade during training.  Requiring some urgent attention, Unohana accepts Ichigo and Renji into her office with Hanatarou.

    Tres Espada (Ichigo/Halibel(futa)/Neliel): Ichigo is brought onto the bed to share Neliel, but that does not mean that Halibel has welcomed him.(Yes, it’s technically a revised story, but after the next chapter, everything will basically be new…  Like what, you ask?  Instead of having a chapter with Halibel, Ichigo is instead passed to another woman Arrancar, who has a taste for whips and sadism)

    Fairy Tail:

    Don’t Gang Up On Me… Again!!! (Natsu/Romeo/Mirajane(futa)/Levy(strap-on) on Lucy): It has been some time since her first ‘Fairy Tail love’ incident, and Lucy’s been feeling pretty happy with her life in the Guild thus far.  Therefore, Natsu thinks it’s time to help initiate Romeo!


    Caught: Rafters (Kenichi/Shigure): Shigure imparts the art of stealth to the clumsy disciple, taking him up to the rafters over Miu, where he is forbidden from making a sound…


    A Montherly Touch (Kushina/Sakura): The time for confrontation has come.  With Naruto's whereabout unknown, Sakura comes face to face with his mom, and they both have a rather 'intense' conversation...

    Angel's Order (Jiraiya/Konan): In their reunion/final confrontation, Jiraiya acquaints himself with his former student now that she's become 'a hell of a woman'.  Konan merely seeks to tire the hermit's strength and concetration...

    Hot Springs & Gloryholes:

    —‘Tayuya’: During Pain’s attack on Konoha, the prison was destroyed, freeing the sole survivor of the Sound Five.  Sakura and Kiba are sent to track her down, but only the Inuzuka stumbles upon her in one of the Sound’s hidden bases.  And she isn’t too happy about being interrupted…

    — ‘Anko & Kurenai’: After a tedious plant-gathering mission, Kurenai, Kiba and Akamaru are invited to an inn by Anko, complete with unisex hot baths.  And Anko – after sharing more than a few drinks with Kurenai – doesn’t mind at all if Kiba joins them to liven things up.

    —‘Shizune & Mabui’: Naruto accompanies Shizune over to the Cloud Village to demonstrate unique healing techniques to Mabui.  When it’s time for a break, they haphazardly stumble in on Naruto in the bathhouse, who is more than willing to accept their company.

    MILF Saga:

    —‘Kushina & Mikoto’: Excited to be at the hot springs, when a little bit of fun shows up in a hole in the wall, Kushina urges Mikoto to do some risky fun.

    —‘Yoshino & Mebuki & Tsume’: Strict moms lecture unruly boys who think it’s fun to put their penises through holes in the wall…

    —‘Surprise Ending’: In Naruto and Kiba’s last adventure in the hot springs/gloryholes business, perhaps they’ve come across the one woman who can handle far more than they can deliver, even as a team!  And afterward, they agree that their hot springs and gloryhole days are over…

    Inuzuka Bloodline Limit (Akamaru/Hinata): copier looks in the mirror and says: how the fuck can this be taking so long to update?

    Marriage Life to the Dogs (Kiba/Tsume/Hana/Sakura/Hinata): Tsume catches wind of her son’s foolish affairs.  But as custom with the Inuzuka clan, it is up to the alpha to inspect new ‘bitches’.

    The Scroll: The Two Kunoichi (Naruto/Kiba/Konohamaru/Chouji/Neji/Lee/Shino/Sai/Akamaru on Ino/Hinata): Jealous of Tenten getting all the boys’ attention, Ino embarks on a mission to find out what the plain girl’s secret is, forcing Hinata (who seems suspicious herself) to join her on this quest.


    Your friend,

    copier c. copycat

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