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  • The Bond Between Us
    Aki visits Yusei and discovers him having sex with Sherry. Frustarted both emotinally and sexually she decides to win Yusei's heart by any means necessary. Anal, Dom, Fingering, HJ, Humil, Oral, Solo
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  • The Promised Rematch, Yusei vs. Sherry!
    Sherry still hasn't given up on Yusei joining her team. After he refuses her offer yet again she decides to try something new which leads to another duel with Yusei. This duel won't involve cards. COMPLETE, Fingering, HJ, M/F, Oneshot, Oral
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  • Senior Year, behind the scenes
    Asuka returns to Duel Academia after studying abroad. Her trip has given her new perspective. In only a few months the senior class will graduate, with that in mind Asuka decides to tell Judai her feelings for him. Set in the 4th season AU/AR, D/s, Dom, Fingering, HJ, M/F, Oral, Rom
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  • I Love Peaches
    Yugi finally makes a move on Anzu. However its a move that Anzu never expected him to make. D/s, Fingering, HJ, M/F, M/s, Oral, WIP
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