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    Pen Name: Ali Twivira

    Nickname: Ali aka The Writer

    Age: 25

    Sex: Female

    Tell alittle about your self and who you are: My name is Ali and I am 25 years old female. When I ended high school in 2012 was thinking of what I can do now that I am no longer in school so I was like what the heck way not become a writer for fun or get a job in writing. Also I started doing fanfics when I was in middle school and have not stopped writing them. Some of my stories over the years I redid or remade yet I still have my old work in note books to I started to type them onto my laptop so I keep them on a jump drive so if my laptop need to be fixed or get a new one I have them. Yet I never posted any of my stories online to 2012 or 2013 yet I forget which yet when I firsted started out I sucked but I keep at it to I became a great writer that I am now. Also when I was starting out I want to learn how to post my own stories online yet do not know how and need help to I found out how to in 2012 or 2013 so I been doing that for a while now. So I am glad to share my work with all of you and I am glad you love my work so thank you for the support over their years.

    What do you like to write and will write: Okay what do I like to write hmm?! Will I do like to write Yaoi that is boy x boy, Hetro that is girl x boy or boy x girl, and BxGB that is BoyxGenderBender.

    What do you not like to write and will not write: Will I do not like Yuri that is girl x girl so I will not write that so do not ask me to.

    What do your stories cover mostly like Anime, Cartoon, Manga, ETC: Well Any thing that pops in my head so I will do anime fanfic, game fanfic, book fanfic, tv show fanfic, cartoon fanfic, comic fanfic, movie fanfic, and ETC.

    What is Forbidden Ones, Alizarin Children, Blood Moon Children, Other Half, Forbidden sub/Angel, Forbidden Dom/Devil, Bonding Ceremony, Heat, Mating Ceremony, and ETC : Forbidden Ones a term for Alizarin Children, Blood Moon Children, Children of the Moon, Children of the Blood Moon, Children of Fate, or Fate Children and all of them are in my stories. The ones that are Alizarin Children are forever linked or cursed to find their other half if not there be another Alizarin Children to they are finally mates with their other half so they can stop this endless cycle of finding their other half. The term for other half is used in my fanfics to mean true love, soul mate, other link, mate for life, and etc. The term for forbidden sub/Angel is meaning the one that is cursed to be both male and female so they do not have a true gender really so they can change on their gender at will also they can get pergnant no matter what their gender is so if it is male then yeah they cane get pregnant. On another note they are the uke or the bottem yet some times when they want take over their Dom or the Seme to become the Seme so they can try it out then they can yet that is when they want to try to be on top or the Seme. The term Forbidden Dom/Devil is used for the top or the Seme to the forbidden sub/Angel also just like the forbidden sub/Angel the Dom can be the uke when the sub wants to be on top or be the Seme. Also the Devil is male yet unlike their Angel they can't change their sex at all yet they can get pregnant but not all of them can get pregnant to their genes mix with their Angel by phasing their body together into one person or putting their genes into each other bodies like saving the other's life by giving their blood to the other one or so on. The term for the bonding ceremony means to make their link stronger by marking each other so they can be marked for mates for life yet if one of them rejects the bond it will kill one of them or both by bleeding that will not stop or end to they or one of them die from blood lost. The term for heat is when the Angel is ready to mate or have sex so they can get pregnant yet it takes a long time for the heat to go away so the Angel and Devil be at it for a while yet if the Angel did not have sex when they were in heat the heat will keep coming back to they are finally pregnant by their devil or someone else yet they manly will get pregnant by their devil. The term for Mating Ceremony is when the Angel and Devil mate so the Angel can get pregnant with their children, cubs, smeets, or what ever they call their offsprings.

    Do you do Crossovers or stick to non crossovers: Yes I do Crossovers.

    What is Kindred and where did it come from: Kindred is a group where all the angels and devils are a part of in a huge cross over story that I cameup with when I was like six years old when me, my cousins, and some friends play out this huge world of anime, manga, cartoons and so on mass into one huge cross over called Kindre.

    Do you make Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and other Holidays in your stories: Yes I do and I love to make them.

    Do you make side stories yet it not a main story because it is shorter: Yes I do when I have a writer's blonk on the main stories so I make another story yet the stories are not link yet it is from the same group line as like Dragon Ball or another group yet it is shorter then my main story.

    Do you do School Life, D/s, Cosplay, or any other idea for a story: Yes I do.

    Do you need a Beta or can you mange with out one: Yes I need one for Dragon Ball Z, Cross Overs, Naruto, Devil May Cry, Fruits Basket, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You, Durarara!!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-gi-oh, Legend Of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Harry Potter and ETC.

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