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    12/12/2010 Ronnie Radke is out! Me Lunchbox.. Me nineteen.. Me likes Deathcore.. Me likes Screamo.. Me likes Metalcore.. Me likes Yaoi.. Me likes Criminal Minds.. Miss my talks with nee-sama.. 
    Lostprophets.. [April 23rd 2007]
    Aiden.. [August 21st 2007]
    Bring Me The Horizon (Support: Tek-One and Cancer Bats).. [September 21st 2010] 
    Bring Me The Horizon [For Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!] (Support: POLAR).. [October 4th 2010] 
    Miyavi.. [March 19th 2011]
    Bring Me The Horizon (Support: Parkway Drive, The Devil Wears Prada, Architects).. [April 30th 2011]
    Dir En Grey.. [August 12th 2011]
    The Used.. [April 27th 2012]

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