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    Hey everyone. I'm a fanfic/ aspiring career writer who one day might get off her butt and write something original. Well, something original that's not from high school anyway. Right now though I'm having fun writing fanfic- will probably never stop doing that- and am mostly writing Hetalia stories. I have one Star Trek Deep Space Nine plot that wouldn't leave me alone so you'll be seeing that as well. Somewhere in the last few months I may have grown some focus so expect more regular updates as well. I'll also at some point be turning my website from this pink and purple teenage monstrosity into something normal and current.


    Love writing things that haven't been done before or not done as frequently. I also love writing smut in case no one could tell... I used to go out of my way to write unusual pairings but now I just write whatever strikes me as fun- sometimes more mainstream sometimes not. But hit me up on fb/twitter orr anywhere else. I love getting feedback good or bad so I have an idea of how to improve. Thanks for reading!

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