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    Name: Something so common a nickname had to be adopted in order to keep everyone straight.

    Nickname: Duo (though others are used)

    Education: Standard high school diploma. B.A. in English, Creative Writing, with a minor in Japanese. Exceptionally vague plans for a M.A. in mythology and folklore (probably Pacific Rim base).

    Background: Daughter of a computer programmer and a math teacher; eldest of two children. Has almost no relationship with younger brother and maintains something of an amiable relationship with parents (specifically mother) because of the distance now between them. Was often chastised as a child for being too loud and imaginative, thus developing a sense of being “weird” and “wrong,” making it hard to socialize/connect with peers. Friends are often several years older or younger. Current living arrangements do not help this matter much, though recent years have been kinder.

    Quirks: A true Gemini—able to encompass extreme opposites simultaneously and make harmony out of discord. Because of isolation problems as a child, has an overdeveloped protective streak towards those considered friends. Those that can endure the freak-out period of getting to know someone are rewarded with an honest, curious, and passionate supporter/defender. Suffers from cycling depression, a manageable form of arachnophobia, and has some anger issues since that is the default response for threats or injuries.

    (Yes, I totally set this up as a character/class sheet because I live in a constant state of fantasy it seemed appropriate.)

    My current obsession is Jak and Daxter and Homestuck, but I am an anime freak as well as a gamer geek, so I will periodically shift my attention to something else, either new or revisiting an old love.

    See my tumblr for the full run.  Non-explicit work can be found on

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