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    Hey there! I finally got the courage to sign up, and I'm hoping that having this little space will encourage me to actually post some of my stories. I'm mainly interested in doing original work, but I'm definitely not against doing anything fandom-related! ---[Planned Projects]--- Untitled: A sci-fish/slice-of-lifeish story about a woman and her alien leviathan of a wife. Going to practice making sex work with a story, rather than being something that can be taken out and not have the plot affected in any way. Even The Odd Found Love: An attempt at playing with magical girl tropes. Young girl encounters a strange, powerful creature and is charged with the protection of something great. ^Either of these might be bunked as my '10 nanowrimo attempt and subject to months of pre-planning/worldbuilding. Some guro/freakshow story or another, I really want to try my hand at this. Possibly a somewhat lengthy pokemon thing. Not really about a pokemon trainer on a quest (to be the very best,) but exploring the more mundane aspects of the world. A bunch of other half-there stories that I should work on. ---[Bio and other things]--- Um, not much to say about myself! *I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I really hate common themes for both genres. Space marines, vampires, werewolves, or the typical lolelveswarriorsdwarvesorcs stocks really bore me. *Most of my main characters are female, especially those put in non-romantic works. *Expect a lot of tentacles at some point or another. *I can't stand most non-con/rape/incest stories. Aside from being squicky to me to begin with, most of the stories revolving around them are kind of predictable and rarely pull them off well.

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