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    So you have come to visit me... I am Jigoku Dayu - the Courtesan of Hell. Your resident snide bitch and raving loon. Actually, I'm quite friendly. Really, I am! I've taken to toying with fanfics as I rather miss RP. Not enough to go back and deal with the drama people start, though. This way I can do my own thing at a relaxed pace, without Mary Sues testing my patience.


    I'm mostly here for 1. Naruto smut featuring Orochimaru/Anko, and to a lesser extent, Orochimaru/Tsunade. Oro/Guren or Oro/Karin are nice, and I'd probably give other het Orochimaru ships a try, too. Or even Oro/OC, but it's got to be good and/ or extra yummy. The creepier and kinkier, the better. If you have him summon some naughty snakes to assist in the ravishing, I'll drench my knickers! I also adore Oro/Kimimaro and Oro/Tsu/Jiraiya. Oro/Jira is cool, but I can't seperate them from Tsunade. (The three of them should all in love with each other!) I just imagine she gave them some alone time or better yet, she's having fun watching them. But OroAnko is my all time favourite ship! Yes, it's my addiction and I've got it bad. What's that? You think she should be with Kakashi? Piss off! Kakashi's a bastard and Orochimaru-sama would never allow anyone else to touch his property.


    2. There are some non-Oro Naruto ships I'm into. Mostly Gaara/Matsuri, Zabuza/Haku, Neji/TenTen, and my newest otp, Mitsuki/Chocho. They have to end up togerther! They just have to! So adorable...


    3. I sometimes enjoy other fandom lemons. Utena: Juri/Shiori (having a threesome with Ruka is even better!) or Saionji/Wakaba. Rayearth: Emeraude/Zagato. Sailormoon: Uranus/Neptune. Death Note: Light/Misa or even L/Misa, but only if it's non-consensual, hardcore BDSM. I hate L, but he is kind of sexy and thoroughly sadistic.


    4. Harry Potter smut featuring Professor Snape. I especially like Dom!Snape and lots of BDSM goodness! No Gryffindors or slash, please. Except femslash, which doesn't apply to Snape, his being male and all. Unless he's watching, which I can definitely go for! Aside from my obsessive passion for Snape, I also love Professor Trelawney. That said, I rarely read HP fics these days. It's just too difficult to find any worth reading. Everything's either a pairing I dislike or the writing is awful. By awful, I mean piss-poor grammar, Sues, and/ or tedious plots. I will not finish a fic that is a chore to read.


    I am currently working on lemons for most of the above. My fifth OroAnko is now up! And there's more on the way... I will get to work on some non-Naruto fics eventually. The first will likely be Saionji/Wakaba, in which I intend to portray him as more than just some mean guy who hits girls. He's actually very troubled and insecure. Poor Saionji-sama! *hugs him* And then on to some yummy yuri with Juri/Shiori! (Yes, I swing both ways, in case you couldn't tell.) In the meantime, I have some additional (rather tame) Orochimaru fics up on FF.


    Likes: Dom!Snape, Ugly!Snape (which is, ironically, my idea of male beauty), Dom!Orochimaru, torturous detentions, BDSM, kinbaku, naughty tentacles (or snakes, as the case may be), yuri/ femslash, well-written OC's.


    Dislikes: Gryffindors, Book 7, most yaoi/ slash (I have trouble getting into them, though there are a couple of pairing I do adore. M/M  ships that are deeply emotional and on the D/s side are good. And bi threesomes are great! I've grown to enjoy M/M/F as much as I like M/F/F), incest, Movie!Trelawney (they mangled her character and Emma Thompson sucked. My ideal Tre is Sarah Brightman), Alan Rickman!Snape (I love him as much as anyone, but he's too old and too cutesy to really be Snape), Snape in trousers (I guess that goes along with the movie portrayal), Sasuke and his annoying ways, anything bad happening to my dear Professor Snape or Orochimaru-sama, people who don't love Professor Snape or Orochimaru-sama (especially an ungrateful slag who thinks she's so perfect, but didn't do anything to deserve the incredible man that supposedly loved only her, as well as some bint author who's unworthy of the great hero she created).

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