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    These days I mostly write sleazy porn in the Bleach fandom, although every now and then I'll dabble in another fandom.

    Places to find me:

    My Website: Just a little hub for all my fanfiction links and anything else I might post. It also has updates on all the fics I post and, from time to time, on my writing status.

    My LJ: This used to be my fic-writing journal, and a lot of my old stuff is still there and f-locked (but it's also here and on AO3, so there's no need to friend me to access it). I now post monthly digests of my fic here. All of my fic gets posted here. I've stopped posting brand new fics to AFF with the exception of Bleach fics because it's a bit irritating having to find/request the proper category. URL:

    Twitter: I only created this twitter because lacked a way to give readers author updates and they suggested authors use twitter to do so. Initially I was going to use it to post updates on all the fics I write, but now I've decided to only post updates on fics I post to AFF.

    Just remove all the spaces to mail me: c salad 82 @ y mail . com


    Avatar art by Tom of Finland.

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