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    I'm just a poor college student with a unquenchable addiction to Harry Potter. The fanfiction world has had me trapped for years now, I just can't seem to ever stop reading. I decided it's high time I started working on a few stories of my own. Hopefully as time progresses I can refine my work with experience. Please excuse spelling errors and other mistakes. Editing is something that I am just getting the gist of. My favorite ships. D/Hr H/Hr SS/ Hr But I am always willing to read other stories as well. A big shout out to those authors who have written my favorites. You guys rule. I love your fantastic stories, thank you for putting aside your own time to write them. The Fallout by Sage Claiming Hermione by ilke Beautiful Things Can Come From the Dark by yesterdayschild4 Seven Times by kerri240879 The Fool, The Emperor, and The Hangman by ianthe_waiting Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting The Dragons Bride by Rizzle Lesson and Obsessions by LennaNightrunner Silencio by AkashaTheKitty The Love You Take by Subversa Her Shoes by margaritama Hermione Full of Grace by DeliverMeFromEve
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