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    I really love to write, but I love to read even more. When I give reviews I try to be constructive. I used to be one of those 'read 'em and leave 'em' kind of readers and I even refused at one point to offer constructive criticism because I felt it took away from my experience as a reader.  However, just recently, I've been writing more original work and I've seen the benefit of CC for not only my writing, but also for reading anthers as well. It makes me notice something in a story that I wouldn't have noticed before. A simple sentence can carry a forceful impact making the meaning of that sentence so much more important. 


    Multiple times I've had people suggest beta readers to me and I've tried, but they never stick with me. It's usually my own fault, either I don't update frequently enough for them or I keep making the same mistakes. And it's not that I don't listen, it's that I understood it when I used this word that way, but not the other way. If that makes sense at all. Besides, review exchanges are an easy way to get multiple views and beta readers for individual chapters. Like free candy...it's too good to pass up.


    Don't be a read 'em and leave 'em. Please review! And if you have stories that need reviews check out the following forums:


    Review Exchange on AFF in writing under reviews.


    The Review Game on Fictionpress.


    Labyrinth on Fictionpress.


    All of these places involve review exchanges or trades, meaning to get a review you have to give one first. Enjoy.

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