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    I'm currently a junior in college and absolutely love to read fanfiction, especially Harry Potter. I write a bit myself but most time scratch it before it's done cuz i get a block. Some of my other fav fandoms are Pitch Black/Riddick, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Inuyasha, and anything like them. Mostly read Yaoi but also enjoy staight pairings at times. I have a lot of favorite pairings...mostly anything were Harry Potter is gay works for me, though i do prefer him with a member of slytherin of the dark side of the war: Snape, Draco, Lucius, Fenrir, Marcus Flint (very, very few of these), and even Voldie himself. For Inuyasha i prefer the incest approach, and with Buffy I love to see Xander paired off with a number of the other characters. I have also recently become a fan of crossovers though i have no favorites yet.

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