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    What's up! First, I would like to explain my pen name: Shinashi. The name is very, very old- I made it up when Gundam Wing first came out and I was reading its fanfiction and found out that Duo was sometimes called Shinigami, and Trowa was called Nanashi. Both were my favorite characters then (Now it is Treize and Zechs/Milliardo AND Trowa) I added the first syllable from Duo's nickname and the last two syllables from Trowa's nick and thus Shinashi was born! Anyway I like male slash and supernatural going-ons, gender-benders, hermaphrodites, and fluid sexuality (which goes along with the gender-bender idea), though I am such a sucker for those cliche school-boy love stories, ha ha.

    Right now I'm writing stories about a planet full of hermaphrodites with magic and a slave society, and I believe people really like them. :D Also, reviews are the currency to the motivational bank; without it, I'll go underwater. Not a threat, just very true. I wish it wasn't. Anyway, the stories are chock full of plot, characters, sex, and violence. I'm trying to even the proportions out in my latest endeavor "Cages" because sex and violence tends to be washed away for plot and character development. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just something that happens that I want to change.

    I always write about Dominance and Submission. I'm into the lifestyle (I'm Shinashi on fetlife as well). I'm especially into dominant people who tend to go overboard though they love their sub/slave, and the reasons and mentality behind those who stay with them- and the whole emotional rollercoaster that goes with that. Most people would call that an abusive relationship, but I believe most relationships are more fluid than that.

    Want to catch more of what I'm planning for my stories? Want to see more extensive notes, or the replies to your reviews? Then go to or you can try looking up Shinashi on Wordpress. I'm Shinashi As Usual. There you can find all of the above and much more- more than you could possibly want! But there are tags! XD Thanks for reading so far!



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