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    Hi.. My favorite pass time is to sit down and read a good fanfiction.. I'm currently reading Completed stories of Sailor Moon, that contain Usagi.
    I do have a few of my own stories that if you feel like reading.. You'll find them. I'll try later on to come up with some more good stories for here.
    I love to read and watch Anime, so from here.. You'll learn about what Anime and whose my favorite couple.
    If Anyone has any good suggestions on a decent Anime, I'd love to here it. I'm always interested in new ones

    Sailor Moon:
    Prince Endymion & Princess Serenity - I like the royal couple better because i get a better picture of how mature they are.
    Mamoru & Usagi
    Kunzite & Minako
    Nephrite & Makoto
    Zoisite & Ami
    Jadeite & Rei
    I Truly dislike the pairing of Seiya & Usagi and Endymion & Beryl.

    InuYasha & Kagome
    Sesshomaru & Adult Rin
    Miroku & Sango
    Shippo & Kirara
    I Truly dislike the pairing of Nakaru & Kagome.

    Fruits Basket:
    Yuki & Tohru
    Adult Momiji & Tohry
    Kyo & Kagura
    Momiji & Kisa

    Mermaid Melody:
    Kaito & Luchia
    Gaito & Sara
    Mitsuki & Sara
    Hippo & Yuri
    Hanon & Nagisa

    Ranma 1/2:
    Ranma & Akane
    Mousse & Shampoo
    Dr. Tofu & Kasumi

    Other Anime:
    Vampire Knight
    Rosario & Vampire
    Toyko Mew Mew
    School Days

    Currently Watching:
    Girls Bravo

    P.S.. I'm looking for a fanfiction under Sailor Moon.. I don't remember the title but if it's yours I'd like to say Congrats on such a well written Story.. I enjoyed reading it over and over again.. However It's been years since I've seen it/read it.. And would really enjoy reading it again.. If you have any clues or it belongs to you please let me know so that I can read it again.
    All I remember is that the Inner Scouts treat Serena/Usagi harshly and only Mina (her cousin) knows the truth.. She's clumsy on purpose.. And shows up at the temple for a meeting one day and quits the Sailor Scouts because during the summer break, she found Darien/Mamoru cheating on her with Rei.. But years later the Scouts need her and Mina has to give up where she is. They must convince Serena to help them while regaining her trust. But while doing so Rei ends up pregnant as Mamoru realizes why he feel in love with Usagi in the first place.
    I really would love to read this storry again and would appricate it if someone or the author could direct me to this fanfiction so I could read it again.. That is if it's still here on this site. =) Thanks.. Sincerely: Angel

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