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    I need a beta reader.


    Hmm. I'm a long-time reader of lemons, strokefics, fapfics(?) what have you. It feels great to finally post something.

    Do not. Expect plot. I'm writing for one purpose only. In the words of one of my favorite writers, this is porn, porn rules apply.

    My fetish is pretty much two sisters, masterslave, oral and futa. You will be seeing a lot of that, and it won't be changing very much, and you will be seeing it for as long as my damned attention holds. I have a lot of skeletons and some finished stuff though.

    I'm back for a bit to finish off some ideas I've had. I'm always glad to get feedback because I made these hoping someone would appreciate the porn!


    Taking Responsibility is revised, Taking Responsibility 3 is posted. Yay. Kill La Kill one probably won't happen.

    Cheating Girlfriends was in the works for a while...I hope it's okay. I haven't written anything in a while ;_; There's a threesome with Imai I'm working on, but it may take a bit more time.

    Futa Harem Island Syndrome has been unhidden. I actually managed to contact PenguinMayhem and get permission which is a huge morale boost, and it's done. It'll always be special to me because it got me into writing smut and it is really fun.


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