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    Uh.. Yeah hey there! *waves* So I'm not entirely new to writing as such but I'm new to writing actual decent length fictions. I try my best which is all I can ask of myself, right? ^_^ Anyway, I've read more than one story on here and I have to say each one I've read is absolutely brilliant. I had to join up for the simple fact that next time I read I'll have to review =] I dont flame, I wont flame even. I find it disrespectful to flame people in full view of everyone else. If I had any uh... -how do you spell it?- critisizms (ugh) about your work I would tell you nicely in some private way. I dont like fighting with people and I absolutely despise idiots who think they're tough with a keyboard or morons who are too immature to actually realise what the world "adult" means in "AdultFanfiction." Sides from anything else... I think this site has a bunch of brilliant writers! Kay x P.S Kay isnt my actual name. Its what my sister calls me cause she's too lazy and only uses the first letter of my name. ♥ Love to you all! Stories Working On: Seperate Entites -- Sephiroth / Zack Fic. Currently not updating this one. I've hit a block. Stories in my head: Reno / Cloud Reno / Zack Yuffie / Vincent

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