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    First and foremost, I'm an artist. Sadly, this means most of my time is dedicated towards commissions and staying afloat. You writers get this, I don't gotta explain it. So, some stories get neglected and others finished, depending on my preference and mood.

    At the moment, I have a huge love for Hellion, my not-too-creative avian race. I also highly favor a character of mine; Skaa. Skaalash. Skaalazahir. Zahir. His name changes, but he's usually the same. Don't be baffled by my favoritism. If it's a new story, with new chapters, these versions of him are alternate universe. This means they do not connect, touch, or anything. AT ALL. Sorry, that's my bad.


    As a side note, no I'm not a furry. It's what happens when you paint a werewolf. Suddenly that's all anyone wants you to paint. Another note to make, I don't hate furries either, just like I don't hate any other lifestyle. I'm not wishy-washy, I just don't give a shit about anyone else's buisness when it's not my buisness.


    I'm a girl, woman, lady, human, whatever floats your boat. I like writing slash, I think writing het fiction is boring. It's like a two for one deal, why not? Also, 80% [high five for fake statistics] of female characters make me want to punch them in the boob and tell them to stop whining or trying so hard to be a man. Hell, I've seen slash fiction like this. I try to write believably, but god knows I'm no professional. I just need a way to pass the time when I'm tired of drawing or reading or doing whatever else it is that I do.


    I wrote a long bio lol Five point to whoever reads it.

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