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    The continued Spectacular Spider-man series I am working on has been niggling at me since the confirmed shut down of the show. I postponed any commitment to writing, hoping I could get my Spider-fanboy jollies from the new Ultimate Spider-man. I don't like the new cartoon. It turns out I love Spider-man and dislike his interactions with the rest of Marvel. (Although I do appreciate Spidey/Torch banter). So with no good cartoon outlet for me, I've decided to buckle down and work on the notes I've made these last three years.

    First and foremost, I am a cartoon guy over a comic guy. I apologize in advance if I step out of character. I am reading massive amounts of Spider-man as research for this product and drawing much from other Spider-series but there are some characters I am not familiar enough with. I will not add a new story arc until I have all the villains, Spider-drama and Peter-drama worked out. Each story arc will contain 3 or 4 stories and be continued off of each previous arc (and the show). My goal is to write 12 story arcs (39 chapters) bringing the series to a close around Peter's High School Graduation. I offer no possible timeline of when I might finish this project.

    I am working on four original projects (two with completed first drafts) and those will take precedence over Spider-man. (Sorry,) Luckily, it turns out, that getting frustrated with both of those projects quickly sets my Spider-muses going. 

    Please give Like Rabbits a try. It covers a variety of topics and tropes I have never tried to attempt before.

    Thank you for reading.

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