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    Erm... Hi! I don't know why you're reading this truthfully; I haven't published anything here yet. Oooh! Maybe you're checking me out because I gave you a creepily long review! If so, feel free to send me another creepily long reply. I love the attention. Hmm... I like lots of stuff. Homosexual pr0n mostly. And macaroni and cheese. I LOVE MAC AND CHEESE! But only the Deluxe stuff. I hate EasyMac -hisses- Tentacles, vampires, incest, bestiality, mpreg (only once, I swear-- it was enough!), shota, demons and hellspawn, slaves, BDSM and S&M, fanfiction, yuri, fisting, watersports, that one weird thing with the Asian girls puking on each other, you name it, I've been there. And for the most part, enjoyed it (the watersports were a bit funny though). Shockingly enough, however, I detest het. I'm cool with you liking it, but yo, I lika de cock too much for me to want it inside a female. -shrug- That's me. As for me writing, well... I'm not that accomplished. At all. Being an anal-retentive grammar Nazi and a perfectionist like you could not believe, I haven't published even half a percent of what I've written. I love writing, but I hate my own. I have millions of ideas swimming around my mind, but when I put them down, I become easily frustrated, mostly because I tend to over-describe. Hence the extremely long and mildly irritating reviews! I don't abandon stories, I just lose faith in my ability to write them well enough. I will complete them all... but probably never publish them. Oh, and I'm a guy. Very gay. And so concludes my long-winded seminar on myself. GO TEAM YAOI! Edit-- Urgh... why must I get the urge to write at 11pm? WHY NOT AT A DECENT HOUR?
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