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    My email is My website is Vist the website to find out even more about my SciFi world.

    I am writing a new series based in my scince fiction world. The first book, Cast Adrift, has been published as an ebook. The direct link is on the home page of

    At the moment I am having problems finding somewhere to host my images, including my avatar. Sorry about that.

    I have always enjoyed fan fiction, from imagining new stories for others' characters, through the variety of published fiction based in the Star Trek universe, to the explosion of fan fiction on the web. I have joined this community to publish stories that base other people's characters in my universe. If people enjoy these stories, I hope that they will consider reading fiction involving my characters and my universe.

    My universe - 'The World of Mannah Pierce'

    The world of Mannah Pierce is our world in the far future.

    Homo sapiens has left Earth and spread across the Milky Way and beyond. They have done this using wormholes, which they refer to as 'holes'. Opening a 'hole' requires Mulligan technology, in the form of a 'gate' on each side of the 'hole' or a ship with a 'Mulligan drive'.

    The historical thread linking the world of Mannah Pierce to our world has been broken many times and in many places. Myths exist about Earth and the spread of humanity from Earth. All that remains are traces of our Earth-bound civilisation in images, languages, music and legend, and the belief that Homo sapiens began on one planet, a planet with a year that was one standard long.

    There have been many, perhaps countless, cycles of interstellar migration and planetary colonisation. Empires have peaked and declined. Technologies have developed and fragmented. Populations have separated and merged.

    Known history speaks of the purge. Once there was an elite with an unprecedented and subsequently unequalled level of technology. Unfettered by laws, mores or ethics, they yielded absolute power, until those they abused revolted. Their technology was purged, but shards of it escaped, scattered across the galaxy.

    Most persistent is their genetic technology. Gene complexes lurk within populations, carried by otherwise unremarkable individuals. If two identical gene complexes meet at conception the geneticist's intent is revealed: a brilliant musician, an empath, a mentat, the ultimate courtesan, endless possibilities only limited by the geneticist's skill and imagination.

    Such homozygous recessive individuals are rare in the genetic mix of the interstellar community; common in isolated populations. Historians speculate that the population of each planet was seeded with one gene complex, then the homozygous recessive individuals harvested like any other crop.

    Fragmentation followed the purge. Knowledge and skills were set aside. Populations were trapped on planets by their ancestors' zeal. Slowly technologies were rediscoverd or reinvented. Brave explorers crept across interstellar gulfs.

    A note about time

    'Standard' is shorthand for 'standard year'. This is necessary because each planet had a different length year. For readers, a 'standard year' is one of our years, an Earth year, but in the story that fact has been lost in time, as has the location of Earth (if it still exists).

    A 'div' is short for a 'division' and there are twelve divs in a standard.

    Minutes and seconds are, again, Earth minutes and seconds. A 'ship's day' is 1440 minutes (one of our days). Days on planets vary. Ship's chronometers count seconds, minutes, ship's days, divs and standards. Hours are not used except on some planets to break up the local day.

    About my fanfaction stories

    'In the cold of space you find the heat of suns' is a Naruto/Sasuke pairing fanfic set in my far-future SciFi AU/AR. I started this as a project over Christmas 2009 and soon found it fascinating. Beyond Naruto, Sasuke, Iruka and Kakashi I had no idea which other characters I would choose and the roles they would play. I did know that I wanted Sasuke to have not grown up hating Itachi. I also knew that I would relect the fox demon part of Naruto by making him a human with some fox genes. Having decided that it was natural to develop him in a way that reflected my deep admiration for my favourite author, Cordwainer Smith. The other unexpected pleasure has been the challenge of developing a story when the earlier chapters have already been shared with readers. I find myself keeping options open, particularly as characters have a tendency to go their own way in my fics.

    The order of the stories

    In the cold of space you find the heat of suns chapters 1-16
    Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot
    In the cold of space you find the heat of suns chapters 17-91
    Tales in Tarrasade Chapters 1-12
    Iteration Chapters 1-13
    Tales in Tarrasade Chapter 13
    Iteration Chapters 14-16
    Tales in Tarrasade Chapter 14
    Iteration Chapters 17-43
    Tales in Tarrasade Chapter 15
    Iteration Chapters 44-104
    Tales in Tarrasade chapter 16
    Iteration Chapters 105 – 108
    Tales in Tarrasade chapter 17
    Iteration Chapters 109 – 119

    Relative ages of characters

    'In the cold of space you find the heat suns' begins when Sasuke has just turned 14.

    Naruto is approx equal in age to Sasuke (but his actual age is unknown)

    Shikamaru, Neji = Sasuke +3

    Shino = Sasuke +5

    Konohamaru, Tayuya and Inari = Sasuke -3

    Sumaru = Sasuke -5

    Itachi = Sasuke +10

    Haku = Sasuke -2

    Iruka = Sasuke +6

    Kakashi = Sasuke +18

    Kiba, Gaara = Sasuke +2

    Purebred humans on age retard do no show signs of aging (i.e. they look 25) until they are about 70, whereupon there is very, very gradual aging (which can be disguised by specific treatments) until they are 100. Age-retarded purebreds look middle-aged between 100-120 and then age very rapidly in the last standards of their lives. Some hang on until 140. Those willing to take 'drastic measures' have been known to make it to 200.

    There are always rumours of people who have lived three or four centuries by transferring between bodies.

    The next generation (with ages relative to Sasuke)

    Asuma and Kurenai: Akemi (-12); Misora (-13); Keitaro (-15)

    Izumo and Kotetsu: Ayame (-18)

    Iruka and Kakashi: Ran [empath, adopted] (-16.5)

    Sasuke & Naruto

    Big litter (-18)

    Hybrids, clones of Naruto but with epigenetic variation: Kazuki; Keizo; Kuuya; Yasushi; Yoshimi; Yuki

    Full blood Uchihas: Haru [genetic parents Sasuke and Shikamaru]; Hikaru [genetic parent Sasuke, other chromosomes from various including Kakashi]; Hoshi [clone of Mikoto Uchiha]

    Wolf-human hybrid, adopted: Ryuu

    Triplets (-24)

    Full blood Uchiha – genetic parents Sasuke and Naruto {using humanised versions of his chromosomes}]: Takara; Teruko

    Clone of Naruto {using humanised versions of his chromosomes}]: Tsuneo

    Hamaki, Terai and Fu: Naomi [genetic parents Hamaki, Terai and Fu with one-third of chromosomes from each] (-23)

    Haku, Kisame and Itachi: Mai [genetic parents Haku {60%} and Itachi {40%} and not full blood Uchiha] (-23); Shou [genetic parents Haku and Kisame {using humanised versions of his chromosomes}] (-23.5)

    Konan: Nagato [genetic parents Konan and Pein] (-24.5)

    Shikamaru and Neji: Sumiko [genetic parents Shikaku and Yoshino but being raised by Shikamaru after their death] (-22)


    Warning - this was done in retrospect and may not be entirely consistent with the stories.  I have learnt my lesson and in future will do a timeline. 'In the cold of space you find the heat of suns' begins when Sasuke joins the Silver Leaf as cat. He is 14 standards. The massacre of the Uchiha clan happened the night before his eighth birth anniversary. Naruto is acquired by the crew soon afterwards. They space for the next two standards. Sasuke and Naruto, particularly Naruto, develop from lads into youths. When they become lovers ('Layers') they are 16. 'Battles', which marks the transition between Sasuke leading a clandestine life and being publically acknowledged as the leader of an ancient and powerful clan, is set a little before Sasuke turns 17. The babies are conceived about a half-standard later and are born when Sasuke is 18. After that the ages of the kits and the babies help anchor the stories in time!

    About my original fiction

    'Colours of the mind' is being posted under Originals > Fantasy & Science Fiction. This is the oldest of my fics that is of a good enough quality to share with readers. I am very attached to it. It is incomplete and will remain so.

    I have also posted some other unfinished stories set in the 'spacer' world.



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