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    Name:Ashlin Fury. Though sad to say I have also been called Shi-Shi or Shi-Chan. Nickname: Mira, Shiva. Age:19.(Crawls in a depressed corner) Gender: Meh, what do you think? No seriously? Favorite people in the world: Shadow: my beloved dark side, Shiva: my precious cold side, Donovan: my little Vampyre, Inri: My sister in all but blood...So they say, Inri's Jade: My hopefully sister in all but blood-in-law, Mommy: My beloved aunt/mother, Cerberus: My older 'twin', Mama: The one who we can count on, Mom: The one who will cut our hair for our birthday, Deadly: my good frind in which I have not spoken in years, Mr.SkullHead: Who really should join us out of the closet, Gram-Gram: My link to sanity, Yura Youruichi: My psycho homicidal kitty, and Jack Sparrow: No explanation needed. Personality: Random. Blunt. Sarcastic. Apathetic. Likes: The Sims, Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10/10 2, Kingdom Hearts (Everything and anything), Harry Potter, Bleach, Yu-gi-oh, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, Naruto, Gundam Wing, Silent Hill, Haunting Ground, Dexter, Ouran Host Club, YYH, Elfin Lied, Hell Girl I'm too lazy to type out the real name, The Adams Family, Death Note, Drawing, Painting, Reading, Writing, Music, Good Yaoi, Good Yuri, well done Het pairings, and my laptop. Dislikes: Twilight It's not all bad but Bella annoys me, she's so obsessive compulsive, stalkerish, and just plain obsessive. Edward annoys me a bit as well he seems to emo at times. If I had been Bella I would have stabbed him in class, shrugged and walked away when he broke up with me, then tell him that he was merely somethingto entertain my feeble human mind. I love Alice, Roseline(sp), and Jasper though! ,Bad Het pairings (most of them actually), bad yaoi stories, bad yuri stories, love (Don't talk about it at all), girly girls, macho guys, rap, country, hip hop, and Pop. Some of the Pussy Cat Dolls songs being an exception. Favorite Food: Chinese Broccoli and Chicken with white rice, Subway, and PaPa John's Pizza (Pinapple with extra extra cheese and butter sauce instead of red). Favorite Food At The Moment: Ramen with honey and sugar, French Fries dipped in chocolate shakes, Chicken nuggets dipped in Mashed potato's, Hamburgers dipped in sweet and sour sauce, and dill pickles in Strawberry icing. Favorite Drink: Root Beer, Venom, and Chai Tea. Favorite Male Singer: Marylin Manson and Gackt. Favorite Female Singer: Porcelain, Lacuna Coil, and Amy Lee. Favorite Anytime Song: eplay Machine by Hinata's voice actor [Can't remember that name], Game by Ayumi Hamasaki, MSI, 3oh!3, and Monster by Meg & Dia. Favorite Song At The Moment: Game by Ayumi Hamasaki, Always by Saliva [Kakashi and Kagami's song!], Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin, Already Over by Red, Hurt Me by some K girl, and The Kuroshitsuji 1&2 [Black Butler 1&2] Opening and ending themes.

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