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    Greetings and Salutations!

    My name is Michelle, however most people online address me as Serronas. Currently I am a 22 year old Female living in California, I am engaged to a wonderful man and I am in school working on a degree in Computer Engineering. Now, some of you may be asking "What the frack is a computer engineer doing on a writing website?" Well, I assure you all that my first  love is the written word.

    From before I was even old enough to read and write I was coming up with stories. I would 'write' (read: scribble) in a Composition Notebook with a pen, run over to my Grandma and ask her to publish my stories. That devoted little writer never lost her zeal, and throughout the years I have honed and flexed my creativity through all sorts of mediums, however I have always come back to traditional writing as my most loved creative outlet. I have been offered to have my work published on several occasions, however publishing costs money, and right now most people aren't buying books from authors they don't know and trust. So as of today, nothing has been officially published, however that's soon going to change.

    Primarily I like writing about topics that most people don't think about or consider. My writing is rarely about the world around us, but the characters - I am a very psychological person. It is my fascination with people that leads me to create unusual stories. 

    Never be shy to approach me, send me an email or poke me on Skype. I like to think of myself as a friendly person! 

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