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    Bisexual male here. I mostly write slash but I also write het and occasionally femslash. Fandoms: X-Men, Avengers, and certain characters from Gears of War and Final Fantasy 7. Also on Y!Gallery as: I do most of my 'community'-ish stuff at Y-Gallery, but I cross post my stories here, and I post non-Y-Gal stuff (i.e. stuff with het/femmeslash) here. Ratings are appreciated. Comments/reviews are adored, including polite concrit, so if you have something to say, feel welcome to say it!

    Also on AO3 at

    NOTE: As of 31 Dec 2013, this account will no longer be updated with new work or fic. For my most recent works, please see my Y-Gal or AO3 accounts! Thank you.

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