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    Well... As is probably obvious, I am Obscure Omen... There really isn't that much to say about me. I'm a high-school graduate and freshman at Mount Holyoke, and I guess I would be described as a "Grammar Nazi," thanks to my obsession with editing, as pathetic as it may seem. I think I'm a pretty good student... But, then again, you never know--I know for sure that it definitely doesn't say that I have any common sense of which to speak. Most of my time is spent reading, but I try to write at least occasionally. But, even though I do enjoy writing, editing, and the like, I am not particularly good with thinking of plots (I'm more of a "description" writer) ... which is definitely not a good thing, especially considering that I'm going to be attempting fanfiction. So bear with me. (Note: And, even if I do end up posting anything, they'll probably be one-shots, or just ideas that have no huge plots of which to speak... Other than that, I'm probably only good for beta-ing other fanfiction. -sweatdrop-) On that note: If anyone needs a beta, I'd be happy to help. Just send me a PM, and I'll see what I can do. (Although, I must give a warning: I'm going to be going to college soon, so I'm currently being bombarded with information relating to dorms, classes, and required readings for said classes, plus a supposed-to-be-part-time-but-seems-more-like-full-time job. Depending on how much work I have, I may not be able to finish every chapter within a few days.) Also, I am completely anti-Twilight and anti-Dane Cook. I have no idea how anyone can consider the former a work of genius (as some have called it; I think it's a badly written self-insertion filled with sexism, the corruption of vampires, painfully flat characters, and a disturbingly superficial "love") or the latter to be funny.
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