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    Sadly I'm going to have to put this on a hiatus until I feel the inspiration to write again.  Working third shift since 9/29 has really taken a lot out of me, both physically and emotionally.  I just feel drained all the time.  *sighs*

    {Chapter Ideas}

    [how I plan to finish chapter 10 when I have the time for it.] 

    FYI, I'm still working on chapter 10. Well, I have a title for chapter 10. Having been in debate with myself all this time, I think I'll go with the interruption in the main line and have the sex scene in "Version 2.0." Now the only issue is figuring out the conflict. Kidnapping, someone being held at gun/knife point those as well as the parallel dimension are just too cliche. Hmm, hostage conflicts are just a step above kidnapping, but they do make things much more interesting. I think I'll head on with hostages, but I'm not sure who to make as the antagonist. Maybe Chazz is in cahoots with Jaden? But then again, what reason would those two have to work together? The interruption starts with my phone ringing and then hers ringing a couple minutes later.

    [Shout Outs]

    Hey Thomas5880, if you got AIM or something, feel free to add me. Thanks for picking my fic for your "virgin" eyes if you will. Your reviews are greatly appreciated. Also, check this link to discuss my fic. [url][/url]

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